Welcome to the ALZHEIMER’S Café

and Memory Café

The National Alzheimer’s Café Alliance has been established to:

  1. Mutual support of the Alzheimer’s and Memory Cafe by any other name.

  1. Provide a platform to share resources, ideas,  and tools.

  1. Share ideas on improving quality-of-life through use of artistic tools, music, theater, story-telling, and movement

  2. Facilitate seminars, trainings and presentations accessible to a wide audience

If you already have a cafe, we invite you to join.

If you’re interested in starting their own cafe, contact us; we’ll gladly walk you through the process (It will be the simplest and yet the most effective thing you’ve ever done.)

The National Alzheimer’s Café Alliance

What it is:

An Alzheimer’s, dementia or memory café is a monthly gathering of individuals with memory loss along with their caregivers, and/or friends and family in a safe, supportive, and engaging environment. The cafe gives everyone a welcome break from the disease.


The café offers a unique experience apart from the normal routines.

The café must be accessible to all.

No membership or fee required. Donations may be solicited.

The café is for people with dementia, including Alzheimer’s, along with their companions. (Caregivers, families, friends, and professionals.)

Companions are expected to stay and participate in the café.

The café will not exclude anyone based on age, race, color, religion, creed, or nationality.

The café is a time to leave the disease at the door and just enjoy ourselves

The café is NOT:

The café is not a support group.

The café is not a workshop, seminar, or lecture on dementia.

The café is not a respite program.

The cafe is not just another party or happy hour

The café is not a daycare program.

The café is not to be used as a promotion for a commercial enterprise.